Hear what the community is saying about Battleground

"The way we might think about martial arts is being flipped upside down by Jeremiah Bunker........the children are being taught practical skills. They are learning the importance of confidence, initiative, charity, and above all, leadership.....Both the minds and bodies of these children are being completely engaged and challenged. This isn’t just an exercise class or a self-defense class; these kids are learning to embrace all the right modes of thought and action; and they will carry these ideologies with them for life – confidence, leadership, and courage." - The Farmville Herald

 "Battleground Martial Arts and Leadership Academy does not only Martial Arts training, but life skills training, such as self-esteem, respect for self and respect for others. They offer guidance and positive role models to todays youth." - Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department. 

I'm supporting this campaign because I have seen first hand the impact that Battleground Martial Arts has had on the kids in the community. The self-defense is realistic and as safe as possible. I've been a member of 17 other Martial Arts Schools throughout my years and by far this one is the most realistic. 

Congratulations to Jeremiah Jeremiah Bunker, Brandy Brandy Bunkerand the Battleground Martial Arts and Leadership Academy in Farmville, Va on there new dojo and success. My kids have been taking jujitsu for about 2 years now and the academy hadn't been open long. 
Jeremiah is the same person, teacher, friend and leader he was the first day we met him. He goes out of his way to do everything for the kids and adults who train under him and not only shows but lives the life he teaches the kids about. 
Jeremiah is a true leader and teacher. I am not only proud to have him teach my kids, but to also call him our friend. 

Here is to many more years of success for you and your family. No one deserves it more than you and your family. 

 "Kyra has so much fun...she can't stop laughing while she is doing the moves...she absolutely LOVES it! ... The way Jeremiah does it, he ties it all in together and it is self-defense..... I would LOVE to take the class myself!"

"Jeremiah, what an awesome job you do! Thanks for all the effort and time you put into this program and making it such a fantastic place for our children to spend time."

"As a law enforcement officer, I have constantly searched for a more practical and applicable form of self-defense. I have always worried about liability issues concerning defending myself on (and off) the job. I started training with Battleground about 9 months ago. From the first day I realized my search was over. I quickly realized that not only are the techniques effective and practical, they are also incredibly easy to learn! They are not strength, size or age dependent! The positive atmosphere made for fun and effective learning. We all quickly became an extended family. Jeremiah is one of the most dedicated and professional instructors I have ever met! His patience (especially with kids) is unsurpassed!!! He welcomed me in with no hesitations. His intensity level is off the charts and he is an outstandingly skilled instructor! He really loves teaching and it is very obvious! It is an honor to share the mats with you J! OSU! I highly recommend this self-defense training to everyone.

You will not be disappointed! 

Kōun (good luck) "


"I would like to start off by saying Jeremiah is the kindest person I know. He is so disiplined in his training and his determination is motivating to his peers. My daughter Brooke took karate with him for a long time and he was always teaching and leading a lot of the classes she attended. He was always so patient and caring to all of the children in the class. Every child in that karate studio loved him and still love him. He took extra time with Brooke almost every class to make sure she was doing her kata's right.. He would meet with her before or after class if she needed to learn something or just to have him make sure she was doing things correctly (his opinion meant a lot to her). He is a very encouraging leader making sure everyone feels like they are a part of class and making sure everyone has learned their kata's. During tornament season he especially worked even harder with the kids to make sure they had all of their ducks in a row. My daughter loves Jeremiah and misses him terribly. He, Brandy and their two adorable boys are such a great family."

"Since I have started training at BattleGround, for about nine months now, I have been motivated to stay in shape, maintain a healthy diet, and approach each day with more confidence. I've been able to keep a weight that I'm happy with, despite working in IT. Having an instructor and training partners that are genuinely excited to see you succeed is clear every day. In such a small town, we are extremely lucky to have this resource. We are given the chance to pursue a very positive lifelong hobby and a healthier way of life. " 

"For even the few lessons I've had, I enjoyed your instruction. I like your straightfoward approach to the training, which seemed practical, and a lot more helpful than doing something crazy like a backwards flip kick.I'm not sure if I lost any weight, but the exercises were great, and though they were tough, made me feel like I could do more. They pushed me in a good way.I look foward to every lesson and seeing you guys again. You have a great group of guys (and girl :) put together, and they welcomed me easily ... even with the "that's what happened to the last new guy" stories :P Overall, its a lot of fun."

"What we are doing here is much more practical than any other school.....Karate at other places is just a sport. The fighting is tap and go, you arent really put into real life situations. Here we try to mimic "If you were getting attacked" or if you ended up in a bad situation where you had to defend yourself you would have the ability to do that."

"I think some people are good at what they do, and some people are good at what they do AND are good teachers. I think the instructors are good teachers, the way you can systematically instruct in the way exactly how a fight would go down."

"Hayden’s never in his 10 years been so excited about something.  On the way home last night he started talking about a couple of kids (girls:/) that “pick” on him and he said “Mom, if they pick on me this year, I’m not going to be intimidated by them.  I’m just gonna (this is where I’m expecting him to insert “put them in a head lock and take ‘em down”, etc.  So, I was ramping up for my lecture about how violence doesn’t solve anything, etc., etc., when he completes his statement.) turn and walk away, because I’m more mature than that.”  HOW DID HE GET THAT FROM AN HOUR IN YOUR CLASS??????  Regardless of “how”, I was SO super proud of him!!!"